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Kaamar News

This where we will show our latest news and press releases, and announce our latest products and new features.

Price and Website Changes 11/03/13

Keith & Annabel Morrigan on Monday, 11 March, 2013 at 17:03:30 (modified: 11 March, 2013 at 18:26:24)

We are today rolling out some structural changes to our website, including for mosaic pricing. These more closely reflect our current actual times and costs, while laying the groundwork for upcoming new products and facilities, as promised (nearly a year ago!) in our Blog article Now we can Blog our New Ideas and Products!

Despite rising costs, for the majority of our designs this has allowed a slight reduction in price.

Changes Affecting the Prices:

  • Tile Costing by Colour
    While the cost of tiles has generally increased, some colours cost more than others, especially in the red/orange/yellow range. By moving from average pricing to individual tile colour costs, the cost for most designs can be held or even slightly reduced, although designs in some colours will increase.
  • Simplicity of Design
    While our pricing algorithm already incorporates price savings for areas of solid colours (such as a plain colour background) that are easier to pick, we have improved this algorithm to more closely match our picking times, giving some savings for simpler designs, although others will increase slightly.
  • Efficiency Savings
    We are continually improving our working methods: where we can improve our times and therefore costs, we have passed this reduction on in lower prices.
  • Delivery Costs
    We are currently in transition with our delivery costs, with a recent significant increase to our UK rates, and uncertainty on our International rates. While we have plans to improve our delivery costing in the future, for now we have had to incorporate these higher rates - the main affect is on the larger designs as Framed Mosaic Wall Art.

The combined result of these changes is to generally reduce most prices, with an average 7% reduction for Mosaic Tile Art and 3% for Framed Mosaic Wall Art.

These new prices will also be applied in stages to products on the shop (Kaamar.co.uk) - we will put a new selection of products on special offer today, so the base price for these will change at the end of their special offer period, while all other prices will change straight away.

Website Changes:

  • News Section
    We have added a new News section for this article and future announcements.
  • Search the Mosaic Design Gallery
    We have added a simple search function to the gallery, as well as a "Quick Find" box to the left menu. For example, if you type tiger into the text box and press the little logo next to it, the gallery will only show the tiger designs.
  • Display Order
    We have added a drop-down box to the top of the Mosaic Design Gallery listings so you can change the display order to by date, price, design name, width and height, each with a choice of ascending/descending order.
  • Product Filter
    You will see new checkboxes on the Mosaic Design Gallery allowing you to filter by product type/format, including the upcoming Mosaic Accent and Mosaic Mirrors.

Improvements to the Mosaic Design Gallery have also been applied in similar fashion to other listing pages such as My Images and My Mosaics.

We hope you like the new changes, and appreciate the price cuts!

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