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Turquoise Glitter 25cm - Mosaic Mirror
Turquoise Glitter 25cm

mosaic tiled mirror
25cm x 25cm
288 tiles in 2 colours

Copper Glitter 25cm - Mosaic Mirror
Copper Glitter 25cm

mosaic tiled mirror
25cm x 25cm
288 tiles in 2 colours

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Uni room - Mosaic Mirror
Uni room

mosaic tiled mirror
36cm x 36cm
540 tiles in 4 colours

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Kaamar Blog

This is the Kaamar Blog, where we will show some of the ideas we are working on, showcase our latest mosaics and new features, tell you more about us, document our programming trials and tribulations, or just write articles on any topic we feel like!

Now we can Blog our New Ideas and Products!

Keith & Annabel Morrigan on Monday, 21 May, 2012 at 18:20:00

It has been a while since we posted our first blog entries: our blog was rushed into publication so that we could post our protection advice to other McAfee users, long before we had even basic functionality in place. We have done a lot of work on our blogging/publication system since then, and are finally ready to start blogging and other publishing.

In fact, apart from our ongoing mosaics, we have been working on a lot of exciting stuff, much of which will start to appear on the site over the next few weeks:

New Publications

  • Blogging entries
    Our personal view of what we are up to, our recent and ongoing mosaics, and technical/programming articles to help others.
  • News section
    A new News section for Kaamar press releases and announcements of new website functions or products.
  • Help section
    A new Help section for product guides, mosaic design guides, FAQ, instructions and general website information.

Products Coming Soon

  • New Mosaic Designs
    We try to add new designs regularly. While we have been a bit slow recently, we intend to catch up, so watch out for some fabulous new designs!
  • Mosaic Mirrors
    An exciting new range of decorative and affordable mosaic mirrors in a range of sizes.
    With such a range of tile effects, colours, patterns and custom designs, we are sure everybody will want one!
  • Mosaic Pictures as Framed Sets
    For a modern and contemporary look, our framed mosaic wall art will be available in custom sets of individually framed panels.
    This will also allow much larger wall art installations without tiling, while economising on delivery costs.
  • Mosaic Feature Frames
    Small and interesting, with colourful patterns and effects, these budget frames will allow you introduce mosaics to your decor, with a splash of colour!

Website Functions

  • Budding Artist Challenge: Design a mosaic for our gallery!
    If you think you can design a mosaic using our site that is worthy of our gallery, give it a go!
    We will feature the best designs (subject to proof of license) on our gallery and shop: you will earn kudos and commission on any sold!
  • Free Photos
    As many of our mosaic designs are based on images by other people, who have allowed free use of their images under license, it seems only fair that we release some of our own photos in return!
  • Mosaic Borders and Edging
    Apart from our new mosaic designs coming soon, we have several mosaic border designs prepared that can be cut or extended to any length for long strips of decorative edging. This new sizing function will be added to the site so you can adjust your border to a custom length.
  • New Manual Design Function
    We will soon be able to offer the ability to manually adjust or embellish a mosaic design, to design patterns, borders and pictures from scratch, and to design your own mirror!

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Strawberry - Mosaic Art

892mm x 1200mm
10mm vitreous glass tiles
8,829 tiles in 35 colours

Michelangelo's David (Side View) - Mosaic Art
Michelangelo's David (Side View)

793mm x 1992mm
10mm vitreous glass tiles
13,032 tiles in 40 colours

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