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Latest Mosaic Designs
Female Mallard Duck - Mosaic Art
Female Mallard Duck

1200mm x 914mm
10mm vitreous glass tiles
9,047 tiles in 39 colours

Victorian Ornament (Pink-Violet on White) - Mosaic Art
Victorian Ornament (Pink-Violet on White)

4491mm x 4491mm
20mm vitreous glass tiles
42,025 tiles in 9 colours

Latest User Mosaics
test - Mosaic Art

659mm x 659mm
20mm vitreous glass tiles
900 tiles in 2 colours

Uni room - Mosaic Mirror
Uni room

mosaic tiled mirror
36cm x 36cm
540 tiles in 4 colours

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Create your Own Mosaic

Design your own Tile Mosaic online with one of our two tools: upload your image below to create a custom tile mosaic design from your source image.
Alternatively you can create a Custom Mosaic Tile Pattern or Picture, Accent or Mosaic Mirror from scratch using: PaintMosaic

Create a mosaic design from a source image:

  • Upload your image - Browse to file, then press "Upload Now".
  • Verify copyright - set title, source, author and licence details, check attribution, then press "Save".
  • Set mosaic size - Choose mosaic style, set desired size, press "Show Mosaic Info" to check size.
  • Calculation Method - Choose mosaic design settings, press "Calculate Mosaic" to start.
  • View your Custom Mosaic - Options include "Add to Basket" to buy, "Resize this Mosaic" to change style/size/method or "Edit with PaintMosaic" to tweak/embellish.

You are not logged in: as a Guest User you are welcome to design a trial mosaic from an uploaded image, but with some restrictions.
You will not be able to save your uploaded image or your mosaic designs for future use - they will be lost at the end of your visit.
You must only upload your own images (for which you are the copyright holder), i.e. not those from the internet or other sources.
Create a free Account or Sign In first (or later in your visit) to save your images and custom mosaics between visits, and upload a wider variety of images.

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Browse to file, then click Upload Now.

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Featured Mosaic Designs
Gorilla Face - Mosaic Art
Gorilla Face

1596mm x 1794mm
10mm vitreous glass tiles
23,635 tiles in 38 colours

Statue of Liberty (Profile) - Mosaic Art
Statue of Liberty (Profile)

793mm x 1937mm
10mm vitreous glass tiles
12,672 tiles in 37 colours

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