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Latest Mosaic Designs
Singapore Dragons - Mosaic Art
Singapore Dragons

2421mm x 1794mm
10mm vitreous glass tiles
35,860 tiles in 43 colours

Sun (on white) - Mosaic Art
Sun (on white)

1244mm x 1244mm
10mm vitreous glass tiles
12,769 tiles in 22 colours

Latest User Mosaics
Uni room - Mosaic Mirror
Uni room

mosaic tiled mirror
36cm x 36cm
540 tiles in 4 colours

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Featured Mosaic Designs
Peacock Butterfly Wing - Mosaic Art
Peacock Butterfly Wing

1200mm x 1145mm
10mm vitreous glass tiles
11,336 tiles in 45 colours

Holly Girl - Mosaic Art
Holly Girl

1508mm x 2300mm
10mm vitreous glass tiles
28,633 tiles in 45 colours

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