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Green Torus Knot (8,3 on Soft Green)
Framed Mosaic Wall Art

UK Price: £833 £708.05
Free Delivery to most of UK
Mainland, No VAT to pay
'Made to Order'
Green Torus Knot (8,3 on Soft Green) - Mosaic Art

This stunning mosaic in small, colourful vitreous glass mosaic tiles is supplied as Framed Mosaic Wall Art, hand made in the UK.

Home Studio crafted onto a waterproof board edged with aluminium, fully tiled and grouted with a choice of grout colours, this Limited Edition mosaic art will brighten up walls inside or outside.

It is made from 11,881 tiles in 15 colours, with a nominal size of 1200mm wide x 1200mm high (approx 47 x 47 inches).
The thumbnail on the right shows the mosaic design at 1 pixel to 1 tile, without grout lines.

This mosaic design is also available in another format: Mosaic Tile Art: £432

Packing and Delivery to most of the UK is included in the price, with no VAT to pay. This mosaic design can also be shipped to Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and other countries.

To order this mosaic or get a price for your location/currency, please add to your shopping basket where you can get a live quote and place your order (see the Delivery and Prices section below for details).

About the Design

This modern and contemporary mosaic design is available in a range of colour themes, background colour can also be customised for effect - see examples below or View all Torus Knot Designs. Shown here with a "Soft Green" background, a version of this design can be created with a background colour of your choice. Click the "Ask for Help!" button, indicate your colour choice in the "Additional Instructions" box and we will create one for you.

This mosaic design is Copyright © 2011 Kaamar Ltd, based on original artwork by Kaamar Ltd.

Green Torus Knot (8,3 on Soft Green) - Framed Mosaic Wall ArtGreen Torus Knot (8,3 on Soft Green) - Framed Mosaic Wall Art

Change Grout Colour:
Grout Colour Sample

The original of this image shows the mosaic design at approx. 1 pixel to 1.5 mm, including grout lines and tile colour blocks (see the colour note below) but has been adjusted in size by your browser to fit on the page, blurring the detail.

You should see a grid of coloured squares representing the tiles, with sharp coloured lines between representing the grout lines, but sometimes your browser may not scale the design very well at some zoom/scale factors, either blurring the lines, missing some lines out or showing them at differing thicknesses.

To see the original, click on the picture which should open the mosaic design at original size in a new browser window or tab. You can then use the scrollbars and your browser's zoom function to view the design.


  • Large colourful mosaic art
  • Fully tiled and grouted
  • Weatherproof construction
  • Wall mount inside or outside
  • Flush mount brackets supplied
  • Suitable for Homes and commercial premises such as Offices, Restaurants, Pubs and Hotels.
  • Suitable for all typical rooms, including Kitchens, Bathrooms, Wet Rooms and Swimming Pools.


No of Tiles: 11,881 tiles (109 wide x 109 high) in 15 colours.
Tiles: vitreous glass tiles, each 10mm x 10mm x 3-4mm deep.
Mosaic Size: 1200mm x 1200mm nominal (approx 47 x 47 inches).
Mosaic Area: 1.440 square metres nominal.
Overall Size: 1210mm x 1210mm x 36mm approx.
Grout Colour: Manhattan Grey.
Item Weight: 23kg approx.
Packaged Weight: 33kg approx.
Calc Method: Smooth & Boost Colours (DitherPlus)

Our Mosaics

Our objective is to bring the beauty of mosaic art into more homes and offices than ever before, by offering a wide range of affordable designs available in a choice of formats and sizes.

To this end we have invested extensively in computer assisted mosaic design technologies, developing our own specialist algorithms and methods to optimise the selection of tile colours.

Some of the mosaic tile colours used
Some of the colours used - Click to enlarge

Our mosaic designs use the traditional "Opus Regulatum" style of tiles laid out in a regular pattern, like squares on a chess board.

Our "Framed Mosaic Wall Art" is prepared using the "Indirect" method, where tiles are first laid out in the design and attached by their top face to a removable transparent film. The sheets can then be pressed, tiles down, into the tile adhesive, transferring chunks of the design in one go, maintaining the tile layout. Once the tile adhesive is set, the transparent film sheets can be easily peeled from the tiles. With the film removed, the tiles can now be grouted to complete the mosaic.

Custom Mosaic Tile sheet during assembly (showing back of tiles)
10mm Tile sheet during assembly (showing back of tiles)
Click to enlarge

All our mosaic designs are specially 'Made to Order' - once your order is received we will maintain ongoing contact with you, to review/check your requirements, update you on progress, advise you on delivery etc.


Mosaic Tiles:
10mm x 10mm x 3-4mm thick vitreous glass tiles, fired to a high temperature for strength and durability, they are frost proof and waterproof, UVA, shatter and fade resistant. Order Samples
Backing Board:
A sealed, lightweight, stable and waterproof backing board. Edges strengthened, sealed and protected with Architectural Aluminium 6063T6 section.
Tile adhesive:
A top quality, high performance and deformable, frost proof and waterproof, White adhesive classified C2FT S2 to EN12004.
A top quality, high performance and flexible, anti-mould, frost proof and waterproof grout, classified CG2 to EN13888.
Wall Mounting:
The backing board comes pre-fitted with hanging rails which, when used with the heavy duty brackets provided, allow mosaics to be flush mounted against a wall.

Colour Note:

The colours shown are for guide use only.

It is impossible to give an accurate indication of the finished mosaic colours: the tile colour shades vary from batch to batch, supplier to supplier (as is common with all fired glass). Most have a speckled appearance, with very small white(ish) specks and bubbles, that affects the colour shade when seen from a distance. Vitreous tiles are semi-transparent/translucent/reflective, which varies in extent from colour to colour, so the colour shade seen is also affected by lighting conditions, adhesive and grout colour, etc. Finished grout colours will also vary due to mixing, texture, application or batch variations.

Sample 10mm vitreous glass mosaic tiles used
Sample 10mm mosaic tiles - Click to enlarge

These factors make it very difficult to match a tile or grout colour to an accurate computer colour definition. Even then, the colour you see on your screen may not be exactly the same as we see on our screens, due to differences in browser, display and screen settings.

We have gone to great lengths with our design images to indicate reasonably realistic tile/grout colours based on the colour impression from a distance under good light, when fixed with white adhesive and (for the tiles) a light-medium grey grout.

As with all mosaics, the artistry is in the overall picture impression, rather than the specific use of colours.

Finish Quality Note:

This is a Home Studio crafted product.

Every due care and attention is taken to ensure a high quality product with a professional finish. However, as with any Home Studio crafted product more minor irregularities are to be expected than for a mass produced factory item.

Many of the tiles (despite their factory manufacture) have slightly varying shapes, irregular edges or minor edge chips. As part of our quality control procedures, all tiles are visually checked prior to product assembly. Some irregular edged tiles can be ground back to shape, while broken, deformed, excessively chipped or irregular edged tiles are replaced.

The corner joints of the aluminium edging, while fairly discreet, are not as perfect as a factory produced item.

Tile mounting and grouting are carried out by hand, inevitably resulting in minor variations in tile positions, depth and orientation, grout lines etc.

Such variations and irregularities only add to the artistic charm of our completed mosaics.

Ordering Note:

This product is 'Made to Order', as one example of a fully customizable mosaic range.

Our fully customizable mosaic range offers a virtually infinite combination of designs, sizes, colours and formats, so all 'Made to Order' goods are personalised to your custom specifications, whether or not they match one of the example products shown on this website.

As such, if your order contains 'Made to Order' goods you do not have a legal right to cancel your order under The Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013.

Delivery and Prices:

Standard Delivery is Free to most of the UK Mainland including remote areas, with the exception of the "Scottish Highland" postcodes: IV, KW1-14, PA34, PA37-39, PH19-40, PH41 sector 4, PH49-50.

'Made to Order' typical dispatch: 3-5 working weeks (we work to and mainly meet the shortest).

For a price for your location/currency, or to choose delivery options, please add to your shopping basket where you can get live quotes with our new online system and place your order.

Our site will consult an independent broker system to get the best live courier quotes it can, and recalculate your basket prices for your location including the actual delivery costs and options. For many major currencies, it will also show a likely cost to you in your currency, allowing for current exchange rates.

In case you have any queries not handled by our new system, we have also retained our quote form: you can use the button below to ask for a quote.

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