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Mosaic Street Signs

Keith Morrigan on Wednesday, 19 January, 2022 at 19:45:23

Mosaic Street Signs

Some historic neighborhoods in Houston, Texas, have iconic 'blue tile' street signs like this, mostly curb mounted, as well as other house and address signs of similar style. These signs often date back to the 1920's but many are now missing or damaged. Dallas, Jacksonville and other parts of Texas are also understood to have some of these vintage 'blue tile' street signs.

We were asked to help recreate a couple of these signs, which we were happy to do: now we are making it easier for other people to source and organize their own signs in this style (even if not for the same purpose) using the feature below.

If you type your street name (or other text) into the text box on this page and press the Go button, it will create and redirect to a new 'blue tile' mosaic tile design for you using your street name, so you will see how it looks and can order online (press "Add to Basket", choose your country, enter your zip/post code and press "Get Live Courier Quote" for price including delivery and currency conversion estimate).

Only letters (A-Z) and number digits (0-9) will be accepted by the text box, along with space " " (for between words) and full stop "." (for example: for the end of an address or an abbreviated address like "DR." for "DRIVE").

From photos that we have seen, many existing street signs have a similar style to each other but are not exact matches, with some slight degree of variation in individual letters, spacing or layout - this function uses a standard uppercase font/spacing/layout and two standard colors in white/blue. If the sign you are trying to replace looks subtly different from the mosaic design, requires other characters, or you want it in other colors, please let us know (e.g. "Ask for Help!" button); we can probably adjust your design to match.

Enter your sign text in the textbox below and press Go!


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