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Manga Rock Chick (Violet) - Mosaic Art
Manga Rock Chick (Violet)

1398mm x 2278mm
10mm vitreous glass tiles
26,289 tiles in 10 colours

Female Mallard Duck - Mosaic Art
Female Mallard Duck

1200mm x 914mm
10mm vitreous glass tiles
9,047 tiles in 39 colours

Latest User Mosaics
blah - Mosaic Art

396mm x 396mm
20mm vitreous glass tiles
324 tiles in 10 colours

test - Mosaic Art

659mm x 659mm
20mm vitreous glass tiles
900 tiles in 2 colours

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Mosaic Design Gallery

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    Smaller ones sized for economy or for 'Framed Mosaic Wall Art' make stunning large mosaics.
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Fairy Rose (White) - Mosaic Art
Fairy Rose (White)
903mm x 903mm
10mm vitreous glass tiles
6,724 tiles in 28 colours

Golden Gate Bridge from Marin Headlands - Mosaic Art
Golden Gate Bridge from Marin Headlands
2993mm x 2168mm
10mm vitreous glass tiles
53,584 tiles in 45 colours

Peacock Butterfly Wing - Mosaic Art
Peacock Butterfly Wing
1200mm x 1145mm
10mm vitreous glass tiles
11,336 tiles in 45 colours

Holly Girl - Mosaic Art
Holly Girl
1508mm x 2300mm
10mm vitreous glass tiles
28,633 tiles in 45 colours

Grey Wolf - Mosaic Art
Grey Wolf
892mm x 1200mm
10mm vitreous glass tiles
8,829 tiles in 42 colours

Dolphin Jumping in Wake - Mosaic Art
Dolphin Jumping in Wake
1497mm x 1244mm
10mm vitreous glass tiles
15,368 tiles in 45 colours

St. Paul's Cathedral - Mosaic Art
St. Paul's Cathedral
2080mm x 2399mm
10mm vitreous glass tiles
41,202 tiles in 45 colours

Gorilla Face - Mosaic Art
Gorilla Face
1596mm x 1794mm
10mm vitreous glass tiles
23,635 tiles in 38 colours

Statue of Liberty (Profile) - Mosaic Art
Statue of Liberty (Profile)
793mm x 1937mm
10mm vitreous glass tiles
12,672 tiles in 37 colours

Burrowing Owl - Mosaic Art
Burrowing Owl
1497mm x 727mm
10mm vitreous glass tiles
8,976 tiles in 34 colours

Gold Angelfish - Mosaic Art
Gold Angelfish
1552mm x 1497mm
10mm vitreous glass tiles
19,176 tiles in 45 colours

Tango Dancers in Buenos Aires - Mosaic Art
Tango Dancers in Buenos Aires
1200mm x 2300mm
10mm vitreous glass tiles
22,781 tiles in 43 colours

Edinburgh Castle and Fountain - Mosaic Art
Edinburgh Castle and Fountain
1739mm x 2300mm
10mm vitreous glass tiles
33,022 tiles in 45 colours

Long Haired Dachshund - Mosaic Art
Long Haired Dachshund
1200mm x 1244mm
10mm vitreous glass tiles
12,317 tiles in 25 colours

Curly Eye (Alice) - Mosaic Art
Curly Eye (Alice)
1805mm x 1178mm
10mm vitreous glass tiles
17,548 tiles in 40 colours

Monarch Butterfly - Mosaic Art
Monarch Butterfly
1200mm x 1079mm
10mm vitreous glass tiles
10,682 tiles in 45 colours

Head of Michelangelo's David - Mosaic Art
Head of Michelangelo's David
1123mm x 1244mm
10mm vitreous glass tiles
11,526 tiles in 43 colours

Whitetail Stag - Mosaic Art
Whitetail Stag
892mm x 1244mm
10mm vitreous glass tiles
9,153 tiles in 42 colours

Red and Green Macaw - Mosaic Art
Red and Green Macaw
1497mm x 1189mm
10mm vitreous glass tiles
14,688 tiles in 41 colours

Eiffel Tower (New Year) - Mosaic Art
Eiffel Tower (New Year)
892mm x 1794mm
10mm vitreous glass tiles
13,203 tiles in 34 colours

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Featured Mosaic Designs
Serpentine Hues 40cm - Mosaic Mirror
Serpentine Hues 40cm

mosaic tiled mirror
40cm x 40cm
812 tiles in 8 colours

Concentric Glas 29cm - Mosaic Mirror
Concentric Glas 29cm

mosaic tiled mirror
29cm x 29cm
480 tiles in 7 colours

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